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The correctly prepaired rose is just like an ink well.

I did not draw any of the artpetals, they were discovered, and that makes it really fun!

Albums by LeNor Barry

The pure poetry of songs on Skeletons Die Laughing are on par with William Blake or Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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I want all my sounds to come back for me. Life is a series of "On and Off" and when I go into an off position, this code kicks in. So I don't forget my songs and sounds and how to play them. So I am putting a directive into the song to awaken me to remember my lyrics and how to play these songs, which are not in song charts, it's just a sort of braille I am using to remember my creations. Songs yet to record.

Songwriting Secrets

Bad spelling creates more songs than I can count, mistakes in chords and hitting the wrong chord has written so many songs. Mistakes are creative tools.

Lyrics "The Pink Mona Lisa"

I was thinking about this melody I had and lyrics came from no place so fast I had to rush to get a pen. It 's not often that this happens. There are various methods used in songwriting that have developed over the years. I cleaned up the left over paint from the lyrical mess that downloaded from my childhood and life, and here are the finished lyrics to Pink Mona Lisa:
For the love of Jacks and too sweet perfume
All the weak high-heels break under little girls
And through the sprinklers she ran back through the years
She's got 29 water colors and maybe crayons
I only want to go back to my playground
These are the sounds that turn ballerina
They give Mona Lisa a reason to smile

  At the risk of missing Saturday cartoons
And all the sacred code holed-up inner room
Through the sprinklers there's a rainbow of tears
She's got 29 water colors - hey mother may I
I only want my merry-go round
And all my Sounds to come back for me
So I don't see a reason to Cry.



Rebellion and Boredom

When I was bored one day I decided to learn to write backwards.Being left handed made it easy, writing is difficult going from left to right for a left handed person and it's not fair to have to adapt to the right handed people in everything I do! I found out that if you held the writing up to a mirror you could read it perfectly. I decided that I would keep my journals in this backward writing since you really could not read it and only if someone told you to hold it to a mirror could you decipher it.

Then while investigating my favorite genius, I found out that he did the same thing! I was complimented with a fellow soul who thought like me! Anyway, this genius said that when you look at shadows, or things around you, you can see images. And that is what we will do when we press rose petals! I can't tell you how I know, but I know Leonardo Divinci woul feel proud that I discovered this cryptic way of keeping journals all on my own out of rebellion and boredom.