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The slide show shows the first days of spring in Minneapolis lake of the isles, my self (LeNor Barry) , laughing, artpetals I have made, websties I have created, photos of art, and interesting places in the Twin Cities. I feel that all people are creative, and that we all create all the time. I love creating music, websites, phtographs, and artpetals. I love finding new ways to create, as I feel that creativity does not stand still. I hope when you want webdesign, website editing, photographs for the web, or "Art Petal" cards for your business you will call me, LeNor Barry @ 612 401 1079

We are all content creators, we create the content of our lives. The richest times of my life were always when I was creating. I have worked with many people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, they trust me with very sensitive information. That is sometines necessary when creating sites. See my portfolio for sites I have created, with the help of genius desingers of themes for wordpress. Like Newton said, "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants. People who create Wordpress, and other web technology are the unsung heros.

Fluid Mediums

Long ago we did not have to design for cell phones or tablets in addition to computers of all kinds and sizes. Now we know new and exciting ways to display web pages and mediums of all kinds. The learning never stops!



Naturally some sites must be dynamic and some can be static, depending on your needs. WordPress satisfies the needs of many who want dynamic sites. We tutor people in WordPress, on how to upload content and change images. We also customize WordPress sites, maintain database backups, and update WordPress sites to the newest versions.


We take High resolution photos for the web. When you need photos for internet sites you must have the rights to your photographs. You must have professional photos. We create stunning photo galleries. They are responsive to all devices including Cell phones.
Fluid Mediums Phtography Minneapolis and Saint Paul

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